Professional Snow Plowing in Alfred, Hornell, & Wellsville for your home or business!

Snow Hill Inc. is pleased to offer full service snow removal in the towns of Alfred , Almond, Andover, Hornell , and Wellsville , NY.

Our full service Snow Removal includes:

  • Property Preservation

  • Before the first snowfall, your property will be assessed and marker stakes

    placed at boundaries, utilities and fire hydrants for your safety and to minimize

    property damage. Photographs and/or video to document current property

    conditions will also be taken. At the end of the season snow stakes will be

    removed and repairs made to any minor turf damage that may have occurred.

  • Clearing Sidewalks

  • Sidewalks are cleared efficiently with Polyethylene shovels that will not

    scratch concrete or pavers but will clear away snow and ice effectively.

  • Driveway Snow Plowing

  • Driveways are cleared early in the morning ensuring you get to work on

    time. Snow Hill Inc. uses reliable equipment with quiet exhaust systems

    to minimize noise in the early morning. While plowing, snow is piled as

    far off your driveway as possible to ensure there is room for future storm

    accumulations, while being careful not to damage turf or landscaping nearby.

  • Parking Lot Snow Clearing

  • Commercial parking lots are plowed in the early morning to allow your

    business to open without interference from our equipment. Specific

    scheduling needs can be accommodated to fit your business. All vehicles

    are equipped with warning lights and back up beepers for the safety of your

    employees and patrons.

  • De-icing using premium rock salt

  • Rock salt is the most economical way to melt snow and ice, applied properly

    it will melt snow and ice from hard surfaces efficiently down to 15� F. Rock

    salt is safe to use on asphalt and dirt surfaces.

  • De-icing using a sodium chloride and magnesium chloride blend

  • A sodium/magnesium chloride blend is a more expensive ice melt option that is

    safer on concrete surfaces or near vegetation and works to melt snow and ice

    down to -7� F. This blend is typically applied to sidewalks and concrete driveways.

Snow Hill Inc. has been keeping parking lots and driveways clear of snow since the fall of 2010, and we take pride in excellence and professionalism. We arenow-removal.html">Wellsville. We are equipped to handle whatever the weather brings to Western NY with new vehicles and innovative snow removal equipment. Call today for a free estimate.

Snow Hill Inc. plow truck #1 just returned from snow plowing, parked in the freshly plowed Snow Hill
				driveway in Alfred, NY after a nice snow fall.

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